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We do the research, facilitate the purchase and manage your high quality carbon credits so you can focus on reducing your emissions.

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Why use a Carbon Removal Portfolio?

Solving human-caused climate change requires deep emissions reductions combined with permanent carbon removal.

High quality

We partner with leading carbon removal developers in each solution category and focus on MRV.

Blended solutions

We build portfolios across the full range of carbon removal - technology and nature inspired.

Ready to go

All you need to do is join. We research, validate, purchase and then manage your portfolio.

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This is a Zopeful Climate microsite 

The science shows us that, when combined with deep decarbonization, carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is a necessary tool in combating human-caused climate change.

We have:

 Climate adventurers in 65+ countries

CDR Portfolio subscribers in 10+ countries

Partnerships with leading CDR developers

Our Portfolios

All portfolios focus on permanence, durability and additionality first, followed by MRV, co-benefits and other aspects.

Carbon Removal Portfolio 1

An accessible portfolio with up to 55% durable CDR over 500 years

Carbon Removal Portfolio 2

A higher durability CDR portfolio with up to 65% over 500 years

Carbon Removal Portfolio 3

Our most durable CDR portfolio, with 75% permanence over 500 years

Our Pricing

We set the target price per ton of carbon based on the availability of solutions in our desired ratios. Pricing is in USD (available in EUR, GBP and AUD on request).




55% durable over 500 years
Managed blend of CDR
Progress tracking
Management tools




65% durable over 500 years
Managed blend of CDR
Progress tracking
Management tools




75% durable over 500 years
Managed blend of CDR
Progress tracking
Management tools

Our Climate Courses

Connecting the dots and understanding the science helps make climate action as impactful as possible.

Intro to Climate Online Course
Intro to Climate

A 14-day easy-to-read online course. Great to kickstart your adventure.

Carbon Removal Online Course
Carbon Removal

A 3-day dive into CDR, what it is and it's role in net zero (& beyond).

Climate Companies Online Course
Climate Companies

A 3-day exploration of the role of businesses in solving climate change.

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"The amazing folks at Zopeful Climate have put together a high-quality carbon removal portfolio which is made of hand-curated, science-backed carbon removal solutions. "



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Why it's critcial to invest in CDR now

The carbon removal industry is just getting warmed up. Building up and scaling as many solutions is necessary as no single pathway will be big enough.

A full range of permanent, additional, high-quality carbon dioxide removals

Direct Air Capture + Storage
Enhanced Rock Weathering
Bio-oil + geologic storage
Biochar + BiCRS
Oceans + Blue Carbon
Nature-based carbon removal
Carbon removal portfolio

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